Offer Attia


About Offer:

After serving the Israeli Army in the combat and computers divisions, Mr. Attia became a multi-industry entrepreneur in High Tech, Real Estate Development, Oil/Commodities Industries, De-Regulated Energy, Business Development and Investments. In Israel, he established and managed three high-tech companies and developed 14 information management systems, including OffiSir©, one of the most successfully marketed products of its kind in Israel. In 2000, Mr. Attia relocated to the United States for the second phase development of his proprietary neural network technology that imitates and learns individual work habits to generate automatic procedures. In 2002, after 18 years in the High-Tech business, Mr. Attia pursued his career in Real Estate Development. Mr. Attia rapidly expanded his portfolio toward large projects of new developments of residential and commercial properties. In the last five years, Mr. Attia also ventured into the Commodities and Physical Oil Trading, De-Regulated Energy, Business Development and Private Investments. Through his vast business experience and analytical capabilities, Mr. Attia provided the leadership, vision and company direction as Founder/CEO or business advisor in his various ventures and was able to systemize and optimize companies’ structure, operation and revenues. Offer’s expertise is in viewing the broad social economy and business opportunities and successfully entering the market with timing, passion and an endless drive to succeed.